Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun with friends...

One of my favorite events each year is the annual Wings & Wheels in Lunde, Telemark here in Norway. This time around I went on Saturday to catch up with my friends who were already there..
The weather was perfect and the feeling was good.. The party was, as usual, lots of fun.. On our way home we drove on some winding back roads I have never been on before and the landscape was breathtaking! Great riding experience with good friends.. What more can a man ask for?? (well we all know the answer to that one.. But we were pretty damn close!! ;-)

Friday Metal...

How about some Friday Metal? About time to post something here you think? Been busy whole summer riding bikes, both here in Norway and in Iceland. The riding season is not over yeat, but it's getting there.. Todays Metal video is from a band I like alot.. Old school trash metal if you like.. I like!! Skeletonwitch rules the trash metal world these days.. Enjoy;o)

What can I say? Choppers Rule!