Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday Metal...

How about some Friday Metal for a change ;) After a long break, the perfect band to break the silence is Opeth from Sweden. A epic metal band that has it´s own style with mix of death metal and folk music. The Pink Floyd of metal if you ask me ;)  Enjoy!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Adventure riding in Iceland..

 Stuck in the snow..
 Ásgarðsgljúfur Kerlingafjöll
 Kerlingafjöll Blágnípuver, Hofsjökull
 Group trip
 Langjökull glacier
 Lone rider..
 Icelandic Backcountry
 Amazing nature..
 SkiDoo on top..
 Touring Iceland

Well, my life has taken a sudden change (again) as I now am a father to a beautiful little girl. There has been many new things in my life the past two years and after my garage burned down with all my Harley´s life has not been the same for me. My interest in motorcycles has changed and choppers and Harley´s are no longer on the top of my "to do" list. Not to misunderstand... I still love choppers, bobbers and custom built bikes but my main interest right now is exploring my home country on a motorbike in the summertime and on a snowmobile in the winter. This has been a dream of mine for quite some time now and I am lucky to say that I have started to fulfill that dream. My weapon of choice is KTM 990 Adventure in the summer and SkiDoo Summit 800 in the winter. Choosing a bike for my adventure rides took me a long time. I explored the marked for almost a year testing bikes and reading about them on the internet and in magazines. I tested the BMW 1200GS, both adventure and triple black edition, and liked it for the most part. It is a great bike for touring but mainly "on road". When the terrain got rough the bike was to big and heavy. The boxer engine is great but it sticks out to much on the tight trail. On gravel roads i didn´t like the front suspension as it was hitting me in the handlebars in every pothole. Tried to adjust the suspension (electric adjustment) and adjust the speed, but nothing helped. I also tried the BMW 800GS and was told it had some 85 horsepower. Those horses where well hidden inside that bike and for me it felt slow and dull. Almost like an oversized moped! After reading a lot about the KTM 990 and talking to people who owned that kind of bike I decided to take a risk and order a new one without even trying it first. Well I have to say it was the right choice for me! Immediately the bike felt right. Even though it is a big bike it feels much lighter then it actually is when riding it. The power is almost as good as the 1200GS and the tight stuff is much easier to handle! It eats up the potholes like a charm and is comfortable on the long haul. KTM has really done a remarkable job when setting up this bike. The handling in the dirt and on gravel roads is phenomenal! I have had it up to 180 km/hr (112 m/hr) on gravel road fully loaded with luggage. When the terrain gets rough you just ride it like a light weight Enduro-bike and you soon forget that you have 220 kg between your legs. By far the most enjoyable motorbike I´ve had ;) The only downside to the KTM is  in the service aspect of the bike. To my surprise it takes the bigger part of the day to change the oil on the bike. The whole left side of the bike and the top between the gas tanks needs to come off to get to the oil screen in the oil tank. Not good on a adventure bike one would think.. So far riding in the Icelandic back country has been a blast. This is the perfect place for snowmobiling in the winter and adventure motorbiking in the summer. I let the pictures speak for them self. Enjoy!

ps. My better half (and daughter) are my true heroes as they support me in my way of life c",)      

Monday, July 9, 2012

Piston Pilots Adventure

Well about time that I post something here on this blog of mine.. 6 months pass quickly when one is having fun ;) Best to start off "again" with a video from a recent trip I took on my brand new KTM 990 Adventure bike.. Times are changing.. More on that later I suppose c",)
What can I say? Choppers Rule!