Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Metal.. rock.. what ever..

Dimma is an Icelandic Rock band that I like alot! Their guitar player, named Ingólfur, is actually a professional magician.. I saw them live in Reykjavík Icleand last june with a new singer (not the one singing in this video). Was a bit skeptic since I kind of like the old singer. But the new frontman was not bad at all and the band Rocks!! Enjoy the Masterplan...

Iron Horse Mc Show 2010

This time around I´m going to take a chance and post some pictures that are not taken by myself. These pictures are from 2010 Iron Horse MC Nyköping Bike show. The pictures are taken by one of Sweden´s finest photographers Janne Lindström from Blotsvens MC. Some great shots capturing the spirit of the show and the Swedish biker-culture! Thanks Janne for the pictures and I hope you don´t sue me for reposting them here in my blog.. :) Enjoy!

What can I say? Choppers Rule!