Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Metal..

Viking Metal at it's best! Amon Amarth from Sweden are still one of my favorit bands! Enjoy!!

How do you like Iceland?

This summer I went to Iceland for my vacation. When there I borrowed my twin brothers KTM 525EXC. I explored some of the old routes we used to ride on back in the day. Many of those routes are used by horse riding people. That sunny summer day there wasn’t a horse in sight! Strange.. Later I found out that most of the Icelandic horses were locked in their stables because they had the horse flue! Well I had a blast riding on old grounds and almost managed to trash both myself and the bike hitting a chain stretched across one of the roads.. It wasn’t there back then!! It all went well and I had to buy a new riding jacket for my brother…

What can I say? Choppers Rule!