Thursday, June 17, 2010

Be a Pan man...

Well now it’s riding season here in Norway and I don’t use much time in front of the computer screen :o) I have traded my trusty old Sporty with yet another Panhead.. This time it’s a Scandinavian style chopper with 16” over Springer front end, just enough stretch & rake, suicide clutch, jockey shift, and a 15” car tire in the back! A fun bike to ride, but it was strange letting go of the old Sporty that has been with me for the past 15 years! But life goes on and Panhead is what makes my heart pound these days! Went on a little trip to Ski in Vestfold here in Norway with my chop. Drove past the remains from the big forest fire two years ago in Froland. Nature has its way, but recovery takes time..

What can I say? Choppers Rule!