Saturday, October 8, 2011

Icelandic Enduro..

The past summer I have been back and forth between Iceland & Norway trying to tie up some loose ends, fixing my house before I rent it out, trying to get some money from the insurance company and generally short things out after the fire in my workshop. For the first time in years I haven't been riding Harleys this summer and I haven´t been to any rallies or any kind of biker-related things. Instead I have been riding my Enduro bike here in Iceland. I think that Iceland is one of the best places in the world to ride Enduro & off road bikes! Here is a little collection of snapshots taken this summer & fall. The pictures that look as they are taken on the moon ;) are from a lava desert near the volcano Hekla here in Iceland. A super cool riding area with endless hills and lava sand as far as you can see. Other pictures are taken on small daytrips around the Reykjavik area. To mount Skálafell that has the ski slopes I used to blast down as a kid. Due to lack of snow the resort hasn’t been in use for many years now. That’s global warming for all you suckers who believe in that nonsense. Natural weather cycles we call it here in Iceland… Well those photos I took just a few days ago on a trip I like to call the two season trip.. With icy & snowy mountain tops & nice autumn weather and colors down in the valley.. Well the rest of the pictures speak for them self..
Iceland Enduro Rules!! ;)


  1. Wow, nice photos and cool bikes, specially the terrain. Great!
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  2. Oscar, great post and great motorcycle photos.
    Good to see your OK.


  3. Fine endurobilder.

    Får lyst til å komme opp å leke med deg.

    Tøff sykkel du har fått deg .

    Paul K


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